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Mobile exhibition stands through the ages

Mobile exhibition stands are the secret weapon of many medium-sized companies

One of the most common questions asked to me, whether trade fairs still have their uses in the Internet era. And, do you have! Perhaps more than ever. Mobile Messetände carry the rest of your help, that the cost-benefit ratio is positive.

DasR Internet with Social Media and the online media are still very anonymous and make the distribution of high quality products difficult. As before a purchase based on a relationship of trust between buyers and sellers. Or buy your goods in a human or company, you appear suspicious?

WordPress RSS Xtreme

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iTunes: Location Backup for iPhone and iPad

Backup iPhone, find iPad and iPod to Computer

For a long time I'm thinking, where the backup of my iPhone is backed up locally. If you save its data in the cloud, then store the backup on a server of the company. Apple. However, if you aufwählt option for local backup with iTunes, then is a bit awkward to file(in) to get.

Apple tightens repair policy

Apple responds to criticism in recent weeks and changes the internal guidelines for repairs

In den letzten Wochen hat es eine Welle der Entrüstung gegen Apple gegeben. The Group shall apply the warranties vary worldwide. In short: Europeans and Americans were mostly new replacement units delivered to the house and the Asian market often had to make do with demonstration devices or repaired models.
From autumn 2013 wird Apple seinen Support ‘AppleCare‘ and thus to streamline the repair guidelines. As Vice-President Tara Bunch reported, soll das neue Programm unter dem Codenamen ‘One Apple’ run.