Why Artificial Intelligence (Of) will change the economy forever

Artificial intelligence changes everything – from the way we make business decisions, to the way companies produce and manage resources—even down to the way, how we communicate.

AI has everything, what we could wish for: intelligence, ability to learn, stubbornness and ability, make decisions based on the circumstances. Artificial intelligence is complex, demanding and can be found on the market in the shortest possible time and ultimately in our companies.

In this article you will find out, why AI will change the economy forever and how you can prepare for the use of AI in your company. continue reading, to find out more.

The world is changing and new technologies are coming our way. One of them is AI, short for artificial intelligence.

In many ways, AI is changing the way, how we work and do business, change. By using artificial intelligence, companies can save time and resources, by automating and accelerating processes.

AI can also predict, what customers will buy and how they will react to certain products or services, and thus help companies do so, to increase their sales.

We live in a world, in which more and more data is generated and AI can use this data, to help people with this, to make better decisions.

AI can also be used for this purpose, to improve companies' products and services, by observing customer behavior and analyzing data, which can be used to develop new products and services.

Artificial intelligence will help companies, make complex decisions faster and more accurately, which will lead to more growth and profits. For these reasons outlined, AI is a revolutionary tool, that will change the economic area forever.

AI will have an increasing impact on the economy in the coming years.

Companies and companies should prepare for this development, so that the water is not up to their necks, when it comes to, to be ahead of the competition.

On the one hand, entrepreneurs have to adapt their products and services, on the other hand, they can benefit from AI-based software and systems.

To find out more about this exciting topic, I publish articles on this website at irregular intervals, so that you are always up to date with the latest developments. Take advantage of this opportunity, to advance your business and benefit from the advantages, that AI can offer! Good luck!

Artificial intelligence and blockchain in tandem for success

Artificial intelligence (Of) and Blockchain intelligently combined, is a milestone towards the technological future.

Both technologies are becoming increasingly self-sufficient. Whether consciously or unconsciously, technology has arrived in our lives. We often don't notice this. Combinations are still the exception. Unfortunately!

The AI ​​in particular is making a quiet triumphal march in our homes, our everyday life is supported by artificial intelligence. Without this technical support, electricity providers would sleep much more restlessly – Power outages would be the order of the day. Conducting the enormous amounts of electricity over the European routes and their distribution cannot be handled without intelligent systems.
And, even if many people don't like it, the systems work autonomously to a certain extent. Everything has to happen at lightning speed. Otherwise the lights will literally go out very quickly.

Digital payment providers would also be lost without artificial intelligence and its techniques. Speed ​​and comfort must be reconciled. AI early fraud detection promises new opportunities through more expedient risk management in real time.

Blockchain provides security

Blockchain is on everyone's lips right now because of Bitcoin. Digital currencies are only a tiny area of ​​application for this decentralized and multiple existence of certain data sets. This makes the system secure!
It is currently impossible to change all data sets at once – to manipulate.

“Until now” is deliberately chosen. Even if the disciples of blockchain technology don't like to hear it or simply don't know it (want), the time will come, where quantum computing in the wrong hands will push technology to its limits. I will write a separate article on this topic in the near future.

With the best protection, if the swarm of blockchain servers is large and their locations are decentralized. In simple words: The more similar data sets there are, the harder it is, manipulate them all at once.

What has to happen?

Artificial intelligence has a problem! To work self-sufficiently, very large amounts of learning data are necessary. These are often recorded in a rudimentary manner, used and then flows into a system with real data. Here's the crux of the matter: Learning data can be easily manipulated!

Artificial intelligence and advertising have huge untapped potential

Even if it is suggested to you, that advertising is up to date, don't believe it! The potential is almost inexhaustible.
You can also compare it to a gold mine, where finished gold bars are lying around waiting to finally be lifted.

Artificial intelligence and advertising are made for each other! All the more regrettable, that until today there are almost no serious applications to be found, which serve to promote digital sales.

Despite all the technical innovations, advertisements are still mostly advertised with rigid posters, as they have been for decades. And, admitted, many a billboard has given way to a flat screen or a large screen, but the watering can principle has remained: Advertising for everyone – no trace of individualization. Injury!

Maybe you already have an idea of ​​what I'm getting at: persons- and situational advertising.
Almost every advertiser and every agency now has a chill running down their spines: Privacy Policy – it does not work!

Incorrect, totally wrong. In simple words, what you see, Artificial intelligence can also see it! As you decide, who you speak to or give a flyer to, Artificial intelligence can also decide, which advertisement should be shown on the flat screen in this and that second.

Sounds simple, it is. Already in the year 2019 an advertising medium was developed, which is equipped with a camera, has a mini PC integrated and can offer advertising to people, which the operator has defined in advance.

Example please? People with very bad sunburns walk along the beach promenade, What better way to do it than with a sidewalk display / Customer stoppers in front of the pharmacy to advertise sunscreen and after sun lotion. Completely automatic.

A dirty car on the road can also be recognized without any problems. On a big screen – near the next traffic light – a car wash “around the corner” to recommend, will be well received.
Which of course you are not allowed to do, is to show the dirty car on the big screen and thus annoy the driver. A really stupid idea, Because displaying it is against the law in many countries and can also have a huge backfire in terms of a marketing campaign.

These are two everyday examples, which can, however, be refined as desired, including company-specific applications.

Artificial intelligence in times of Corona

Artificial intelligence (Of) has long since arrived in our everyday life. Independently of the corona crisis and suggestive financial crisis, independently operating programs are normal.

Perhaps some of the processes are yours, which are related to artificial intelligence, not consciously or already so involved in everyday life, that you no longer attach any importance to them. You don't need either!

Anyway, that's what I'm saying, that artificial intelligence is so firmly anchored there, despite all the financial problems in industry and the service sector, that AI can no longer be dismantled.

Lots of people are coming right now – whether entrepreneurs or employees – up to me and ask, whether artificial intelligence still has a future.
The question is legitimate. After all, the artificial intelligence hype began in the year 2018-19 still (fast) Full employment and development budgets seemed infinite.

The foundations of modern developments can be explained by finance- and do not stop economic crises. It has been like that for the past few centuries, that great inventions emerged from major crises.

The crisis will give AI a new boost

The focus will change: the further Development of self-driving cars will surely take a back seat. More and more automobile manufacturers will enter into collaborations (must) and thus knowledge in the field of autonomous driving is also shared.

Of course, there will also be further groundbreaking advances in mobility, but not at the same pace as before the crisis year 2020.

Development costs are reduced across all industries. Naturally, the focus will initially be on returns – research does not have a good hand here.

As things stand at the moment, only a few companies will have money left over for developments, that do not bring huge amounts of money into the till in a very short time.

Rather, artificial intelligence sees a development spurt there, where technology helps and supports people in everyday life. Cheap labor is increasingly being replaced by machines. Intelligent machines will continue to change people's everyday lives.

Industrial robots are becoming even smarter and smartphones are even more merging virtual life with our reality. Direct applications are optimized, but completely new developments take longer.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence cannot be stopped! The current economic- and the financial crisis will give AI a new boost. No longer at the speed of sound, but in the steps, which increase the acceptance of artificial intelligence among citizens.

Artificial intelligence or artificial stupidity?

ob, ob (Of) ob.

ob, ob, ob.

ob. ob. ob, ob. ob!

ob, However, the software continues to develop with your own experiences. Comparable to a child: Nature and parents give the child knowledge, but the young person learns and draws conclusions himself.

AI decisions can only be interpreted

Transfer this to AI, is still one of the biggest challenges. Understanding and interpreting computer decisions, why he acted like that in the situation, is a separate branch of AI research. Development is certainly still in its early stages here.

The first legal cases arise in connection with artificial intelligence, then it will be more exciting than ever. Judges will ask, why the computer acted like that. Based on my current knowledge, you can only present answers with assumptions and probabilities. A challenge for every democratic legal system, where it just “and” oder “no” gives as an answer.

If we want to better understand these new technologies and their effects, then we should first look at the learning data. The foundation for interpretations or actions of artificial intelligence is usually hidden there.

There are cases, where AI is accused of racism. This is complete nonsense. Either the source code is written accordingly or the basic data was insufficient. Are dark-skinned people viewed as monkeys?, It's mostly because of that, that predominantly light-skinned people served as models during the learning phase. Zoo visits were also involved and monkeys were marked as such, then the result is not surprising.

As a conclusion one can say:: Artificial intelligence is only as smart as the data provided. The more learning data and experiences a system has, the more accurate the decisions become.