Artificial intelligence and blockchain in tandem for success

Artificial intelligence (Of) and Blockchain intelligently combined, is a milestone towards the technological future.

Both technologies are becoming increasingly self-sufficient. Whether consciously or unconsciously, technology has arrived in our lives. We often don't notice this. Combinations are still the exception. Unfortunately!

The AI ​​in particular is making a quiet triumphal march in our homes, our everyday life is supported by artificial intelligence. Without this technical support, electricity providers would sleep much more restlessly – Power outages would be the order of the day. Conducting the enormous amounts of electricity over the European routes and their distribution cannot be handled without intelligent systems.
And, even if there are many … Read more ...

Artificial intelligence and advertising have huge untapped potential

Even if it is suggested to you, that advertising is up to date, don't believe it! The potential is almost inexhaustible.
You can also compare it to a gold mine, where finished gold bars are lying around waiting to finally be lifted.

Artificial intelligence and advertising are made for each other! All the more regrettable, that until today there are almost no serious applications to be found, which serve to promote digital sales.

Despite all the technical innovations, advertisements are still mostly advertised with rigid posters, as they have been for decades. And, admitted, many a billboard has given way to a flat screen or a large screen, but the watering can principle has remained: advertisement for … Read more ...

Artificial intelligence in times of Corona

Artificial intelligence (Of) has long since arrived in our everyday life. Independently of the corona crisis and suggestive financial crisis, independently operating programs are normal.

Perhaps some of the processes are yours, which are related to artificial intelligence, not consciously or already so involved in everyday life, that you no longer attach any importance to them. You don't need either!

Anyway, that's what I'm saying, that artificial intelligence is so firmly anchored there, despite all the financial problems in industry and the service sector, that AI can no longer be dismantled.

Lots of people are coming right now – whether entrepreneurs or employees – up to me and ask, ob … Read more ...

AI is always faced with challenges when it comes to evaluating images

What seems logical and clear to people in pictures, can be a huge challenge for artificial intelligence.

Image noise and knowledge logic require new solutions

Basically, two subject areas pose more or less major problems for artificial intelligence in image evaluation. This is the aleatory (random noise on objects) and the epistemic model.

Epistemic logic is one example, when Artificial Intelligence cannot distinguish a street from the sidewalk next to it, because both elements are made of asphalt.

In 3D recordings, this can perhaps be solved through the third dimension. However, such image sources are always available? Probably only in a few … Read more ...