Artificial intelligence in times of Corona

Artificial intelligence (Of) has long since arrived in our everyday life. Independently of the corona crisis and suggestive financial crisis, independently operating programs are normal.

Perhaps some of the processes are yours, which are related to artificial intelligence, not consciously or already so involved in everyday life, that you no longer attach any importance to them. You don't need either!

Anyway, that's what I'm saying, that artificial intelligence is so firmly anchored there, despite all the financial problems in industry and the service sector, that AI can no longer be dismantled.

Lots of people are coming right now – whether entrepreneurs or employees – up to me and ask, whether artificial intelligence still has a future.
The question is legitimate. After all, the artificial intelligence hype began in the year 2018-19 still (fast) Full employment and development budgets seemed infinite.

The foundations of modern developments can be explained by finance- and do not stop economic crises. It has been like that for the past few centuries, that great inventions emerged from major crises.

The crisis will give AI a new boost

The focus will change: the further Development of self-driving cars will surely take a back seat. More and more automobile manufacturers will enter into collaborations (must) and thus knowledge in the field of autonomous driving is also shared.

Of course, there will also be further groundbreaking advances in mobility, but not at the same pace as before the crisis year 2020.

Development costs are reduced across all industries. Naturally, the focus will initially be on returns – research does not have a good hand here.

As things stand at the moment, only a few companies will have money left over for developments, that do not bring huge amounts of money into the till in a very short time.

Rather, artificial intelligence sees a development spurt there, where technology helps and supports people in everyday life. Cheap labor is increasingly being replaced by machines. Intelligent machines will continue to change people's everyday lives.

Industrial robots are becoming even smarter and smartphones are even more merging virtual life with our reality. Direct applications are optimized, but completely new developments take longer.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence cannot be stopped! The current economic- and the financial crisis will give AI a new boost. No longer at the speed of sound, but in the steps, which increase the acceptance of artificial intelligence among citizens.