Christian Junius

Social Media

Anyone posting in social networks, Sticking

Anyone with Facebook, Google or other social networks writes, Sticking.

A profile page on Facebook & Co. is as public as a blog. Therefore applies: of the Operator is responsible for the comments and pictures, the other left him there.

The so-called forums liability has increasingly spread in the scene and in businesses because of the number sentences,de. Who is alerted to an obscene comment, for example,, must remove as soon as possible.

Above-mentioned forums liability is valid also for profiles in social networks. For comments, representing a person on a user's pages to write, adheres precisely the owner or. Owner of the page.

Google Alerts: Your personal real-time assistant

Knowledge is power!

Stay with you Google Alerts up to date on your interests, Hobbies, Industry or your competitors. To have its own name and own reputation in view, is more important than ever in today's world!
Google Alerts hilft Ihnen dabei. Always keep in mind, dass Google Alerts nur Inhalte von Google auswertet und auch nur diese anzeigen tut.

The device is easy

Enter desired term in search, Frequency of Bebachrichtigung – I recommend daily – and finally enter the e-mail address, to which the summary is to be sent.

Tips for Social Media Guidelines in Company

Social Media und andere social networks or. Portals that deliver business value, if you follow tips and expertise with the subject responsibly approaches.
In mind always the question should be, which person(in) what information about which media to pass on or. may publish. A few tips to give you some ideas. Every business, each department has different processes, Generalizations do not help at this point.

In a number of companies – whether large or small – there is an IT rulebook, which included, for example, rules and instructions, as clerk to behave while surfing the web. However, these were Regulations agreed as social media was not yet existent or was still in its infancy.

Social Media – Etiquette: What people may not

Facebook has become a mass phenomenon with high contagion factor. Google is in a similar way. The private and professional contacts mingle in social media zusehens. Is all the more important, that staff on “Netkom” pay attention.

“Netkom” is nothing more than what you learn in a good family home: Good behavior!
Dieses ist auch bei der Social Media- or. Online communication important.

On the Internet is not excluded, on negative remarks about the employer or their own products to push. The Lust is large make a correction – in the form of a comment or reply.
It should be noted, that you are doing to make it clear from the outset, that this or as a personal opinion. Experience takes place and in no way as an official company statement.
Do you refrain from these remarks, one acts negligently and can be prosecuted from many sides.

Social Media Comes of Age

Social media will grow only slowly

Currently, large companies primarily use social media. This year, in particular small and medium-sized companies are discovering the benefits of direct communication with customers and prospects for the.
A budget transfer accompanied by a change in marketing strategy appears to be very useful. The social media activities and budgets in 2011 to increase significantly.

Social Media ist mehr als Facebook & Twitter

Last year was marked by two applications: Twitter and Facebook. The hype was on Facebook the movie “The Social Network” reinforced.
As a company, but it is not enough, leave on these platforms every few days a message. The user expects a daily basis by news today: from their company and from industry. The neutral dissemination of industry news, you can very quickly build up a positive image. Given that the strategy is right.