QR-Code – the (a)secret arena

Der QR-Code ist ein quadratisches Viereck aus schwarzen und weißen Punkten, the encoded data representing binary. Der QR-Code wird neben dem Barcode auch häufig für Identifikationssysteme und Geräte zur mobilen Datenerfassung genutzt.

In newspaper ads, on billboards and in particular with new advertising campaigns can be seen more frequently in recent times a discreet square with many small – to the human eye can not decipher – Sign. This is the QR Code.

Originally, the QR code is used for marking of assemblies and components for logistics in automotive production. It was developed by Denso Wave Code. Commercial use of the QR codes is currently royalty free. Denso Wave's owners, waived, however, to this day on royalties.
Today is the QR code next to the barcode also often used for identification of systems and devices for mobile data collection.

The QR code is a square rectangle of black and white dots, the encoded data representing binary. For orientation, special markers are used in three of the four corners – these serve to focus.

In a QR-square can according to the manufacturer 7.089 Decimal or. 4.296 alphanumeric characters represent.

Since mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones have built-in cameras, is the Read the QR code with a very easy software possible. For many devices such software is already implemented by the manufacturer. The process, known as mobile tagging is extremely popular in Japan. Since the year 2007 This concept spread increasingly in Europe.

The Advertising industry uses this method, to code a web address or a code in it to win. Since today includes nearly every mobile phone web browser, You can be reading the QR code with a browser go directly to the website.

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