Artificial intelligence manages charging stations for electric cars

Artificial intelligence - Electric car
Artificial intelligence – Electric car

Public charging stations will be the fuel pumps for electric cars on longer tours. AI already supports the driver in certain areas.

Modern cars – u. a. of the Mercedes EQC – provide the driver with a route in the integrated navigation system with charging stations close to their route. A great thing!

Is this charging station free on arrival? This question remains unanswered and is a matter of luck. The next step has to be, that you can reserve the charging station fully automatically for your arrival. The arrival time can be calculated quite precisely by the navigation system, taking into account the current traffic situation.

Charging times can also be calculated taking into account the individual parameters, so that time management can take place for each charging point. Networking can avoid long downtimes.

This is technically feasible without great effort. One obstacle is so far, that loaded cars often stay longer than necessary at the stations.

The first step is to notify drivers of the end of the charging process via text message. Who doesn't make room for the next one within a certain period of time, must expect additional costs.

Manufacturer-independent management necessary

Requirement for planning, Reservation and implementation of the vision is a central point, which manages all public charging stations regardless of manufacturer.

To offer the driver the greatest possible comfort, a form of billing must be found, which is modern and transparent.

Whether the billing takes place directly with the driver or an institution – Car manufacturer or automobile club – is interposed, can be set individually.

Build charging stations with common sense

My hair stands on end, when i hear, what a high number of charging stations in public spaces (allegedly) are necessary, to ensure an adequate supply.

According to an article in Handelsblatt (15.04.2019) require experts “until 2030 all in all 600.000 Charging points in public spaces, a million at the workplaces as well 10.000 Fast charging stations mainly at motorway service stations”.

14.000 We have petrol stations with approx. 160.000 Gas pumps

14.118 Gas stations (Stand: 2018) are currently available in Germany – unconfirmed information according to a total of approx. 140.000 – 160.000 Fuel pumps. At over 80 My. Vehicles with diesel / gasoline engines.

Even if the charging process for electric cars takes longer and it does 2030 7 My. planned e-cars, it will be a disaster over economically 600.000 set up public charging points.

Sufficient according to more realistic estimates 350.000 Charging points in parking lots in shopping centers, Leisure facilities as well as the envisaged 10.000 Fast charging points are completely out of the question, mainly near motorways.

Outside of the holiday season, very few people drive in one go beyond the average range of 400 km of an electric car.

Mobile charging stations bridge bottlenecks

During the holiday periods, mobile fast charging stations can be found at truck stops, Avoid service areas and bottlenecks along the transport hubs. Mobile charging stations in exhibition car parks and other event locations such as festivals or concerts are also an issue.

With a healthy basic supply where the action is (job, purchasing, leisure) Isn't it economic madness to provide an abundance of cheap infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence can be of great help in choosing and operating suitable locations.

I see them too 1 My. required charging stations in companies are critical.
Many employees live within a radius of 20 km around the place of residence and on the other hand is the job market – also thanks to artificial intelligence – so changing, that in a few years many jobs in factories will disappear and more and more home workplaces (Homeoffice) develop.

From today's perspective, the number may be correct, but by the end of this decade a far lower number is necessary.

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