The other form of advertising: Postcard Marketing

If the Postcard as Marketing-Tool sees, then usually as a response card in a mailing or tip-ins as an advertisement in a magazine. This fits well and is a good task for a postcard, no question. But, The postcard can be more.

What are the advantages of the postcard?

On a postcard does not fit much text on it. And this has two effects: First, as the sender has to be brief, His message to the point. Secondly, exactly know the recipient: A postcard he had read in no time. And so he reads it.

Unlike a letter, the postcard must also not be opened – this is a great read hurdle. She is already open – this is a further advantage. And to make things around, A third advantage, which lies in the postcard itself: The postcard has a “Photo Page” and can be designed graphically very attractive.

In other words,: The message comes in on a postcard 99% all cases by the recipient.

Another tip

By postcard advertising is still a secret, because far more companies send sales letters instead of postcards. Basically, you can mail in the mailbox in 3 Divided into two categories:

  • Advertising, depending on the sender is in the bin unopened or. overflown only briefly.
  • Important: These include letters, which are read. Is usually “Important” on a white or gray paper.
  • Private Post: In general, this gets the most attention. It can be seen in private mail address listed on the handwritten, perhaps even on a colored envelope or postcard just the.

What do you need Mailung? Your advertisement must be at least in category 2 countries, best in class 3, Privaten der Post. Because that gets the attention of your advertising, you want. You can be confident, that your advertisement is read.

How can you send advertising by postcard

You can try, for example, Your sales letter in disguise as a business letter. Do not use to a commercial appearance, Send a neutral letter, in black and white – no images.

With any luck, the advertising falls into the 2. Category and is read by the recipient at least. In sales letters disguised as a business letter it is purely on the content. Is it interesting for the reader, Perhaps he will respond positively to the advertising message.

Send advertisement in the form of a postcard, assumed the receiver usually something private – Your advertisement will be in category 3 sorted. This has the advantage, that your advertising is first treated preferentially, Perhaps it is even a certain anticipation, equal to the postcard can read.

Advertising as a postcard works as a ticket to the soul of the recipient.

He will read your advertising with a positive frame of mind. Your advertising has taken only because of the shape, the biggest hurdle and can better exert their effect.

How to avoid disadvantages

Advertising is beneficial to you by postcard, a postcard because at first glance less than advertising, but rather viewed as a private post is. The postcard with the gained confidence You may, however, not abuse.

Advertising by postcard has the right, that the message of traditional advertising messages must distinguish. Otherwise, the receiver would feel disappointed and angry to be. That would be even worse than if the advertisement in the bin unread.

Be sure to, that you are advertising by postcard only to specific actions Send. Actions to, the recipient is a particular benefit to bring.

Only the best for advertising by postcard

Advertising by postcard is suitable for example for

  • sensational discounts
  • special services, have been frequently asked about the customer
  • Invitation to an exclusive event
  • personally thought message

Advertising by postcard should be something special. Therefore, you should use the advertising medium carefully. Only under the condition, They provide that the recipient really something extraordinary, can you advertise by postcard more than once a year to send.

Through the repetition effect (Aha, because our company sends back a postcard xy with an interesting offer) draw even more attention to your advertising. But be careful: If the offer is not attractive enough, acts only as an advertising scam. Send in such cases it is better first conventional direct mail, until you can offer a really great offer.

To make correct

Although your postcard only “Advertising” is, You want to, that the recipient organized your advertising in the category of private mail. On the following elements should therefore pay attention necessarily:

  • a picture motif on the front,
  • handwritten address and handwritten text (no PC handwriting)
  • Company stamp, which makes clear, it comes to advertising.

Motif design on the postcard for the advertising itself

For each photo, you do with a digital camera, You can conveniently printed postcards. An advantage of this procedure in any case, that you can customize your subject very well in advertising.

Would you not just a picture, imprinting but also a line of text, You can edit the photo with an image editing program on the PC, for example, and insert another advertising slogan.

What is a postcard from your photo? This is simply. Such printing services can be found here, where you can also make regular paper prints of digital photos. Especially easy it is on the Internet. For Google “Postcards Print” a – You will quickly find. The finished postcards you get in a few days simply by post.

Ready to use images for advertising by postcard

You may be too time consuming, to make your own photo, To edit the image, then let the postcard print – They would prefer for your advertising a faster alternative? Then you simply buy ready-postcards trade. The choice of motifs is large, there is definitely the right thing for your advertising. Note, however, that the subject fits your advertising.

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