The end of the show dominance by search engines

Jahrzehnte lang waren Messen und Kongresse die beste Gelegenheit zur Anbahnung von Neu-Geschäften und der Pflege von Kontakten unter Geschäftsleuten (B2B). Sie waren auch bevorzugte Orte für die Vorstellung neuer Produkte oder innovativer technologischer Lösungen. Diese Messen waren eine gute Gelegenheit, Kunden zu treffen und neue Interessenten zu finden (Leadgewinnung).

Gleichzeitig konnten sich Verkäufer, Importeure, Großhändler oder Hersteller einen schnellen Überblick über neue Angebote und Entwicklungen auf ihrem Markt verschaffen, in dem sie einfach über die Stände in der Messehalle schlenderten, wenn Unternehmen mit ähnlichen Produkten in räumlicher Nachbarschaft zueinander platziert wurden.

Even bankers and investors attended the fairs, more to bring about a specific industry or a business in experience and to gain a complete overview of the sector in a short time. Because all the major companies were indeed present at the fair,de.

Exhibition participation caused even then considerable costs
, but these "market investment" paid off in new prospects, Leadbildung, Contact the refresher to existing customers and suppliers, as well as the creation of new brands and the consolidation of existing (Branding). The latter was sometimes even with the most important: to show the competitors and customers by the size and a particularly representative construction of the stand, how well the company ran.

But those times have known amended:

* New products will be published first on the Internet
* Sellers and manufacturers analyze the competitors on the Internet
* Potential customers or prospective customers gain the information you need on the Internet.
* And the sales team wasted their time on the stands and waits, that even a visitors passes.

Simultaneously the service crews have begun, during the exhibition time to spend more time on the phone or behind their laptops and PDAs as actively and aggressively interested or. Leads to win. And this at ever falling attendance at trade fairs.

The end of the show dominance by search engines

It is not the Internet itself, the added fairs so massive, but it is the search engine in connection with a itself radically changing communication behavior in the economy. Google and Co. allow, Products and services 24 Hours to 7 Find days a week throughout the year easy and convenient.

The whole Internet with all sites has become the largest trade fair in the world, is open day and night and reached worldwide. And that in a variety of languages ​​- in some cases even with automatic translation (usually still in cruel Quality). Prospects or potential customers can search for any product or service of any, just by typing times some keywords into a search engine and then sift through and evaluate the results.

These search results can be manipulated or diluted: Counter supplements may sitelinks (Advertising) to be added, to influence potential buyers in its website visitors behavior. Only works mostly not. about 90% of searchers clicked one of the organic links on the first page of results on. Alone 42% the No. 1 search results. Skinny 2% Click on average a paid advertising link (z.B. Google Adwords) or an advertising banner on.

So visitors an entity receives now increasingly takes visitors on its booth just on their website. But not only in a particular, limited period, but permanent. During the whole year. Even at night, on weekends and public holidays.