The most important principle of successful sales area

The first impression the viewer of your advertising is critical. Der Moment, which has the potential new customer to your booth and presentation tools in the field of view, decides, whether you have awakened his interest.

The visitor feels intuitively accessed by your presence and come closer, then should the state division meet the needs of the visitor.

Nothing is worse than an unsorted or overloaded service line. Do not waste time with unimportant things – take advantage of the moment, They usually have only one chance. Brochures and flyers are ready to hand in a rack or holder, Write stuff to your body.

Equally important, as a highly stylish retail space, is a serious and conscientious employee training. Each promotional campaign stands or falls with the players.

Highly embarrassing and unprofessional act, it can, if the staff of the products exhibited no knowledge and at worst not even the various advantages- and disadvantages of the known instruments demonstrate. Not happening? Far from … spielen Sie ‘Lockvogel’ and try it out.