Anyone posting in social networks, Sticking

Anyone with Facebook, Google or other social networks writes, Sticking.

A profile page on Facebook & Co. is as public as a blog. Therefore applies: of the Operator is responsible for the comments and pictures, the other left him there.

The so-called forums liability has increasingly spread in the scene and in businesses because of the number sentences,de. Who is alerted to an obscene comment, for example,, must remove as soon as possible.

Above-mentioned forums liability is valid also for profiles in social networks. For comments, representing a person on a user's pages to write, adheres precisely the owner or. Owner of the page.

Forums liability is

Die Forenhaftung basiert auf dem Telemediengesetz. The profile owner has generally not responsible for third party content. This applies only as long as, as these are not aware of the posthumous contribution has. Go to the profile managers information about, that has been filed and published a new post, requiring immediate action. If necessary the contribution must be visible or even deleted. After several court judgments, the owner of the profile has to at most 24 Hours.

Service provider you will be quickly

For service providers it is very fast: applying a Proflis in Facebook & Co. sufficient.
After the Telemedia Act is every Facebook- and Google Users service provider.

In short: Everyone shall be liable for his side and for all, what is happening on their. Fortunately, a Court of Appeal has decided to forums liability, that there is no “general monitoring obligations” are. It is therefore sufficient, to respond to a delete request.