Prerequisites to a successful website

The long road to a successful website

The customer or prospective customer expects in today's time of a site more than a digitized business prospectus. “The main thing on the Net” – This principle does not work anymore.
Very quickly, the users on the Internet site of the competition.
The vast number of Company websites are considered marketing side of yesterday. More and more manufacturers are able to follow quickly, that customers no longer just something “press on” let.

Who is online, searches for solutions, not by product.

It provides(and) emerged in the recent past, that consumers are very rare type in the name of a brand in search forms. Anyone who surfs the Internet, investigated in the control solutions, no products. What helps that is the best website, if they attract enough visitors?

What does the Internet User?

The responsible Internet users expect from the first click a sophisticated navigation. Objective and easily understood information about the products offered. In a manner, the lay people is understandable. Eulogies are there out of place.

In addition to “Action”-Buttons may be present: to initiate an order and / or the possibility of demand or live chat by Emial.

Additional benefit is the magic word

The goal of a website is not intended to be the obvious product presentation, but also the information about the selected topic. Who, for example by “Lawn mower” researched, which is in the overwhelming number of cases also open to lawn care or “Composting”.

Links to external website is taboo

Avoid, however, links to other sites may be – the user is away! Did he leave the homepage, then you're out of his memory “entsurft”.
Not even, that he has no further interest in the products from the home, but on the linked website, he is again at least one topic, that draws his attention to the.

The solution: write small guide. To read and download the product Web site. This binding inhibits the user stays much longer on its website – the chance of a successful checkout is growing rapidly.


An alternative is small theme sites, focusing specifically on a topic. Of course, linked only with the own website. Buttons and buttons for the path to the actual topic (for example “Lawn mower”) to find, are mandatory.
A further – not to be underestimated – Advantage is, that Use the themed sites Visitors currents generated, which would otherwise not on the (actual) Website would be pushed.