Advertising on Twitter by “Promoted Tweets”

Bisher nutzen die Betreiber von Twitter Ihren Erfolg nicht, to earn money from it. However, this fact should change soon. According to the reports of various American media wants to integrate Twitter Tweets alongside the existing and advertisements on the page. These ads are called “Promoted Tweets” bear.

Twitter plans to target advertising

The Users are not to be bombarded with advertising haphazard, but they only get to see the advertisement, they also would find useful. Appear in the first phase, the “Promoted Tweets” only, when a user searches for keywords, the advertisers have bought, similar to the known model “Google AdWords”. Later, should also be financed by advertising messages seen in the tweets. This is supposedly crucial, for which the respective user is interested, so that the advertising works for him too appealing.
As the collection and evaluation is scheduled for the user-related interests, has not been published.

The micro-blogging service currently has about. 85 My. registered users. With the advertising system, the “Google AdWords” in fact, very similar to, Twitter has now found a way to earn money, as already other social networks such as Facebook. Mitte April 2010 were first purchased Tweets included on the website.

Planned advertising system of Twitter is tailored to U.S. market

The new advertising system already met with great interest from major companies. The reason for the new, advertising-funded tweets was called against American media, that Twitter communication,de, The company already with customers via Twitter lead, strives to improve. The open exchange of information creates opportunities for individuals, Organizations and companies at the same time.