Code of Conduct on the Web 2.0

Very often I am approached, how to behave on the Internet. A few simple tips and advice I have you here gathered. Before you read, here the most important and simplest rule: be honest!

* Show the interlocutors your identity. If you have honest intentions, there is no reason the full name and your employer to call. At least when you publish content professionally concerned. Since it is irrelevant, whether the site has a private or business background.

* Schreiben Sie Artikel in der ‘Ich’-Form; Also if you post professional publications.
You can add the following supplements: “The displayed content of this / these blogs or website reflects only my personal opinion and does not contradict those of my employer” – Publications on behalf of the employer's highly recommended.

* Be open and honest, but not in a personal way to. The public is generally not interested in your disease or banal things. Weigh carefully, They communicate what to whom.

* Substantiate your personal opinion with facts and research. Be careful to distinguish between opinion and facts. Renounce the publication of the article. Nothing is worse than a wrong Tatsachenbehaputung – the PR district is pre-.

* Everyone makes mistakes – open to deal with it and to quickly correct, is half as bad as the Internet to knowingly make false claims made to. In addition to your reputation and even your own reputation suffers greatly.

* Only items that, what you are and reflect your personal opinion does.

* On reader comments will be promptly, polite and answer konstriktiv.

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