Twitter now reveal the whereabouts

About Twitter you can see the world in the future not only to his thoughts, to share ideas and activities, can his followers make known also his whereabouts.
Already, many mention the over 70 Million Twitter users whereabouts in her messages. however thereby losing valuable space, because the short messages no longer than 140 may be signs.

For example, an interesting fact, if you want to meet friends spontaneously. The advertising industry is making this positioning function very fast to Use: hardly a form of advertising is more effective than the mobile and targeted point-of-sale function.

At present, many users know not even properly this new opportunity to properly assess and also to assess the potential hazards. experts warn, who constantly notifying, where he finds it, the award also give, that he was not at home: a welcome information for potential thieves and burglars.

About Web browser, Twitter users are tracked at every step and transmits the coordinates. The function can be turned off at any time.

With the new feature Twitter is following the trend of other Internet services like Foursquare, Gowalla und Runs. Even Facebook will soon jump on the train.