Items and pictures in the social web is like a tumor

Who disclose information and pictures on the Internet, should be aware of the long residence time of the data. You have to know, that with the deletion of these data are by no means disappeared from the net: Many an ulcer is removed faster than unpleasant articles or photos!

Even after deleting the account, the data remains visible for many years to and searchable for everyone. This is due to, that the Internet information is stored locally on servers and are often copied. The Storage in search engines also contribute, that they wanted more than to find information about.

Many a teenager or adult regrets today, which images and statements he has published several years ago: damals cool – Today, quite a hindrance.
Not only, that friends and partners can look at these things without problems; also (Personal-)Bosses and colleagues have Access to too much freedom of movement.

It also helps only partially, For example, if you create two accounts. The hope, that one has a fun account remains untraceable, is total reverie! A friend has only the unconscious in a comment your name or make a link to an article or a page, is called on which your full name. Already, the connection is established and after a short time the search engines combine data from both accounts.

At a very early stage are we to make Geanken, if you must publish party photos or unqualified to write comments on the Internet. It is pardonable, an SMS or an e-mail forwarding to consider.

Criminals make use of the above facts: The more information you share in the everyday life of the, the easier it is hackers, To take your online identity. Also, burglars are pleased with hints, If you can read, that you are currently on vacation – the address can be found faster than you think.