German Telekom discovered Twitter

Within a day, the newly launched Twitter account at the Deutsche Telekom 1.200 Follower. On the one hand, a dream start on the other side you can see, that this service was overdue.
In the case of “@ Telekom_hilft” makes the latter more likely to. Die Reputation des Kundenservice soll sich dank Twitter ändern. As a model is entirely possible the American telecommunications company Comcast, there is non-performing consumer via 140 Characters from the terminal helped.

Twitter needs to be learned

A matching is called on the telecom website: "We go with our service then, where our customers are. We learn to tweet and start the pilot project “Telekom_hilft”.

Twitter is revolutionizing communication behavior

The Twitter-actors in,de “@ Telekom_hilft” come from the customer and to process customer inquiries directly. The idea there is at Deutsche Telekom: "Our team shows face. We are all human beings, and no one can conjure, But we will do everything, in order to provide service to your complete satisfaction: Service began 140 Character. "