Social Media Comes of Age

Social media will grow only slowly

Currently, large companies primarily use social media. This year, in particular small and medium-sized companies are discovering the benefits of direct communication with customers and prospects for the.
A budget transfer accompanied by a change in marketing strategy appears to be very useful. The social media activities and budgets in 2011 to increase significantly.

Social Media ist mehr als Facebook & Twitter

Last year was marked by two applications: Twitter and Facebook. The hype was on Facebook the movie “The Social Network” reinforced.
As a company, but it is not enough, leave on these platforms every few days a message. The user expects a daily basis by news today: from their company and from industry. The neutral dissemination of industry news, you can very quickly build up a positive image. Given that the strategy is right.

Social Media als Chance sehen

Companies are partially “blind” jumped on this train and large parts of the budget in Facebook apps have diverted and Media - ROI (Return of Invest) was and is so far uncertain.
Frequently, however, was forgotten, that social media is more than Facebook. In the near future, new users, dynamic platforms and applications to discover for themselves – The development has already begun. These portals are increasingly used by theme- and context-specific “Relationships” to perform.

Social media is an integral part of corporate organizations

The question of the correct integration of social media into the organization is a key issue,de. Semi-professional solutions, operated by apprentices and trainees with, have served. Social media is an integral communication channel must be organ-and cross-departmental To Basket.
Social media is becoming increasingly common in “Business card” The company.

Social media-watching activities and improve

Medium-sized enterprises, the social media presences of the “Great” just watch and learn from their mistakes. Social Media is only there to use, where this is a benefit to the company or. Added value, is the art.

Users will actively participate in product development

The Internet is quickly going from a socialization equip. Companies will continue to drive product development with users. This is a long-standing market surveys and observations become less important.
The advantage lies on both sides: the company may take into account specific customer requirements and the user has to the product or. The company has a closer relationship, because he feels perceived.
With proper strategy and a targeted use very much untapped marketing tool – effective and cost-.