Social media mapped to a single prism

The opaque Internet

The vast majority of users have an overview of the relevant sites and services on the Internet. Almost every day new deals are added – partially disappear but just as quickly. An overview of the wide range does not yet exist.

established deals

Durch den Wandel in den Onlinemedien und im Speziellen innerhalb von Social Media sind die Veränderungen fast permanent wahrzunehmen. No medium has such shifts in user numbers and changes such as the Internet.
Meanwhile, applications and communities have formed, you as “top dogs” can denote.
Above all Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and various news portals. Virtually endless applications were submitted by third parties for these platforms.
One of the most interesting developments in this area is, Companies that topic “Control of message flows” have accepted. The user is provided on the Internet constantly with new information. Relevant information filtering, is increasingly becoming the gambling!

People, who not permanent interaction with matter, can hardly be a current or. make continuous image of social media applications,de.

Prism for the German Social Media Landscape

Ethoritiy has addressed these problems and brings, at least in the social media segment, a little light into the darkness. The conversation prism represents the communications officers to center stage and surrounds it with the currently most relevant social media channels.

Social Media Prisma