Social media as an important part of INNOVATIVE Marketing

Due to the increasing popularity of Social Media increases the importance of online marketing in Germany. The interest on the part of the user exists in any case. In the Business However there is more Uncertainty about the question of the right strategy for the Web 2.0.

German companies to do in dealing with Social Media largely still quite difficult. A recent study of social media to monitor follow-, wants about half of the surveyed executives on the use of Social Media refrain in the future.
In America, the development is already much more. There are companies, can not show social media activities, increasingly be forced out. Classical advertising instruments are ignored by Internet users is becoming visibly.
Can you remember consciously to any advertising on this day or “read on” This also?

From my perspective, it is a fatal error, German firms pay if the current trend is not properly considered. The ignorance and convenience of many "traditional" marketing- and management executives in Germany will soon avenge! It is feared, that these people have unfortunately never really objectively and impartially settled down to the potentials and limits of social media. The listen only "YouTube" or "Facebook" and rushes down the blinds in the head.

And speaking honestly: I also took a long time, until I Potential gigantischen von Social Media effective for business success had understood.

My most important finding: Social Media Marketing bedeutet a complete INNOVATIVEN Marketing. So not just another tool the "Social Media" Marketing to craft box to add. No, by no means!

All previously used Tools must on the ROMI-test the cost. The Return Then Marketing Investment is the Decision index number. The honest, total cost to create of qualified leads Prospects are one or Benchmark. As seen on my personal experience many "traditional" marketing tools made quite old.

There are also significant differences between sectors, But very few exceptions prove the rule, the following practice: Radio- and television advertising, Großflächenplakatierung, Glossy print brochures, Banner advertising and exhibition complex investments are in the bin.

In particular, young Internet users still spend more time in Web communities and with the consumption of User-Generated Content. This term includes offerings such as Twitter, Blogs, Facebook und Youtube. Here, users can even quickly, Easily create and publish content, and no technical knowledge - Web 2.0 as hands-on Internet so to speak. About two-thirds of young Germans spend more time already on Facebook, Flickr and Co. than on 'traditional' websites.

Online-Marketing, involves not the increasingly powerful social media with, is largely a result of this important, promising target group over. In addition, companies miss, do not respond to this continuing trend, a new Possibility potential Customer-specific and directly address, even in a genuine dialogue to occur.

Because Successful Social Media Marketing complements traditional online marketing is not just a new communication channel. Thereby, that information exchange is possible not only in one direction, opportunities arise, To learn more about the needs and demands of customers. The interactive features also open up ways, the Binding of brands and products to increase.