Modern customer acquisition with an online direct marketing

The vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) false advertising! They throw some serious money literally “to get out of the window”.
Largely based SMEs to acquire new customers and their marketing to corporations and large companies, have already achieved a high level of awareness.
Many companies invest a lot of money into image- and brand advertising, although this is in many cases does not make sense. Because There is much more effective and efficient methods of customer acquisition and retention - The online direct marketing,de.

Direct marketing differs from the theoretical approach

Many business owners are familiar with advertising and marketing is not very good. Especially in SMEs, without their own marketing department have, The owner is also responsible for marketing the often automatically. Part is learned in schools and universities, the theoretical approach, but the practice is almost always different.

This fact is often overlooked and is in daily business. The Normally, therefore, the marketing Gau. When it's time for a promotion to attract new customers or existing customers will be advertised, is quickly copied the competitor without further considerations to make.

The Internet provides opportunities – especially in direct marketing

About two thirds of all Germans are now active on the Internet – professionally and personally. In recent years significant progress has been achieved, has made possible the widespread use of the Internet in many households. At the same time, the acceptance of the Internet for its users, The more time spent on the Internet, while the traditional media's attention gradually lose. From a combination of the two approaches of direct marketing and Internet use can lead to interesting new possibilities.

Social media is not a magic word

Even with a small budget, it is now possible business, build an online portal for customer acquisition, sets up the potential for the products or services and becoming permanently binds. The Internet is the largest direct marketing machine in history. Never before has it been possible, To reach millions of people to such a low cost.

Mass advertising is unnecessary, as a result of the interactive potential of the Internet, the ideal customer can be addressed very precisely and the contact with the interested parties can also be maintained at low cost.

Direct marketing sales strategy requires

It is important, that does put the entrepreneur in advance very clear and explicit goals. The best site with all the hottest marketing tools is unnecessary, if a sustainable strategy lacks!
The times, in which one could make a quick buck on the Internet, are to a halt. Today, users expect Offers, that are sustainable. Seriousness is assumed.

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