Website upgrade: free message center set up!

Have you ever longed for a program, which you, Your friends and followers with an overview of all your activities provides – Twitter-, Facebook-, LinkedIn-, YouTube messages in one place? Or a Summary at a specific topic you? Abonnieren Sie zum Beispiel beliebige Twitteraccounts und RSS-Feeds zum Thema ‘Auto’: each new message to be displayed in real time.

FriendFeed has exactly these characteristics and was developed for this purpose. No other software offers even close to these options: With very little effort, you can terminate the accounts of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and over 50 other social media services set. The program is free and almost self-explanatory user interface in German!

Another nice thing is, messages that you, For example, you write on Twitter along to Facebook – this will automatically appear on your wall.
Also, you can display using a tool within the previously defined FriendFeed messages to other domains – the home visitors have always read the news. Ultimately, your website akttraktiver!

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