Google Social Search – Personalization of search results

The search engine giant Google has a few days ago – first in the U.S. – small changes, the future will have significant impact: “Social Search” is displayed centrally in the search results.

The technology allows Google users, during a search query relevant results from their own “Social Circle” to find. Condition is, that the user has deposited the networks used by him in his Google profile.

Google Social Search depicts everyday behavior on the Internet

Google uses this idea to the, that we ask ourselves first with friends, if we want to know something. Friends we can trust, why should their experience and knowledge not included in our search results?

Tweets were instantaneous (Twitter), Flickr Photos, Youtube videos and blog posts integrated into the various search results list. Not yet in “Social Search” Facebook events are incorporated.
Technically, integration is no problem - Bing (Search engine from Microsoft) This is already at. Therefore, it is rather a political and financial issue, When these evaluations also influence the Google search results.

Customization of search results

It is striking, that is developed very quickly for many months to develop observational: the individualization of the search results. It has long indicated to the results differ to a query from person to person, based on individual usage patterns. Prerequisite is the use of cookies or. permanent registration at his personal Google account.

The now upgraded Google “Social Search” will analyze much more information from the social network of users, to determine, what results it is relevant to his personal search.