Facebook has set up security for young people and parents

Facebook has an area for the public – with or without a Facebook profile – for reporting violations and released to the individual setting of privacy. The help pages provide a basic insight into the problems.

The spaces for young people, Parents, Teachers and law enforcement authorities cut.

In the area “Safety for young people” will For example, bullying behavior and public backbiting represented and how to report such abuse to the social network. Facebook points out, however, that an unattractive photo is just removed, if this violates the terms of use.

The area “Safety for Parents” parents explained, how they should respond, when a child looks at age-appropriate material not Facebook and how to report abuse. The deletion of an account, Children under the 13 Years (the minimum age for Facebook) have created, is explained.

Also the sections “Safety for Educators” and “Safety for law enforcement authoritiesare very informative. Sometimes there will be discussed more in depth the issues.

On the Help pages there are also indications, where and how to implement security settings are personal or. the impact of this visible on the profile. Also will be discussed extensively in the lockout, can suppress the one when entering a user name or email address any contact.

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