Facebook introduces security features for application

Facebook is the future sound the alarm, when a user logs in from an unknown device. So one can summarize the new security features short and concise. However, the Users first activate this function, even under Account / Account Settings.

Facebook is taking a first small step

In this section the user is able to account security “Notifications to applications for new devices” activate the feature. Then Facebook asks at every login first by an identifier for the new device and automatically logs this action to the registered e-mail address. By setting the hook at “I do not ask again” to Facebook remembers the hardware. A notification via SMS is not currently available in Germany.

The e-mail message about the suspicious transaction contains only the entered identifier. For a Tracing usable information (of. B. IP-Address) are not transmitted. In detail, only browser (with cookie-activation) registered and no hardware. If you use multiple browsers, Each program must register. The Facebook app for iPhone is currently bypasses the Device Registration Complete.

Facebook takes privacy seriously

In a second step will Facebook “suspicious logins” Further data on request login, To verify the identity of the user - for example, the stored birth.

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