The future of communication and social networks

What is the future of the Internet? My personal opinion: medium term are social networks (of. B. Facebook) Rotation- focal point of communication. Facebook-“Pages” and “Groups” are becoming increasingly popular.

More and more companies are shifting their activities there (must) – where the public is. On the other hand, the Importance of company-owned sites or. Domains abnehmen.
If the payments and other daily operations are handled by social nets, the mass is no longer in “Internet”, but directly on Facebook & Co., log on. The Internet serves as a platform for more – as before MS-DOS and now Windows or Linux.
Today, the social networks used in high frequency, To guide consumers on a more or less interesting Hompepages. This time-consuming and costly intermediate step – almost half of the prospective abort this process – is eliminated!

In a few years, it is insignificant, who to place on Google 1 is – more important will be, which the company “turn around” performs and the internal processes that suit the usage behavior of consumers can.

The winner will be the company, it creates, “Audience” to gain and maintain this! Sell ​​is becoming “Entertainment” …

The development is already underway: not otherwise present at Lufthansa, Train & Co. (German-speaking) Pages on Facebook. In addition to gathering information, there may also be purchased recently: Tickets, Tickets, Books and many more items.

Once small businesses are discovering the benefits for themselves and the Kosten-/Nutzenaspekt, The spell is broken. It is important, that is already there and create the groundwork is present, which brings together interested parties and customers – in social networks.

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