Responding to customer comments on the social web right

How can we as a company offering a perfect customer service and at the same time the good company name or. protect the brand on the social web?
In a very simple way: Take advantage of the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, diverse Blogs), Also the use of your customers! Look for entries, your company or. Your Brand(n) concern. Stay up to date on the social web and respond purposefully.

Feedback & Comments from customers on the social web

If a customer is dissatisfied with the offer, the service or the service, he presents his experiences and impressions on most of his friends.
In today's world, wo sich Facebook, Twitter & Co. have established an open communication channels, , a single unhappy customer can cause severe damage. The Company- or. Brand image can be ruined very quickly.
For various reasons negative reports are passed on much faster than companies in the social web as a positive response,de.

Keep an ear and eye on the social web

Unlike the word-of-mouth, where you often find nothing negative from the statements, They have the Internet – mainly on the social web – to respond to the possibility.
There are several free online early warning systems, to help you in researching. As reported several weeks ago on this site, there Friendfeed – Your personal message center –, the internal search functions of Facebook and Twitter the favorite of my service “Google Alerts.
The great advantage of the offer of the Fa. Google ist, that every time you, if something is published on the Internet about your company or your brand and indexed by the search engine Google, Send a message via email.

How do you respond to the social web of negative comments and use these to your advantage?

You can now use this situation to your advantage, by itself immediately formulate a comment. In criticism, you should try now, as soon as possible to respond openly and every question or any misunderstanding, etc. educate. The customer feels taken seriously and in good hands with you.
Studies have shown, that negative comments about a company, will be answered promptly in accordance with this, often more credible than exclusively positive entries. In the ideal case can even be strengthened by a qualified answer to the negative comments online reputation and image of a company or brand.
The icing on the cake is, If other readers intervene defensively and take the party attacked. In social media, this is often the case than you think now might.

The basic requirement to build a positive image of the social web or. to obtain, is that you are always well informed and know, what is written about you.