iTunes: Location Backup for iPhone and iPad

Backup iPhone, find iPad and iPod to Computer

For a long time I'm thinking, where the backup of my iPhone is backed up locally. If you save its data in the cloud, then store the backup on a server of the company. Apple. However, if you aufwählt option for local backup with iTunes, then is a bit awkward to file(in) to get.

Identify serial number and UDID of smartphone and tablet

Before you can find the directory containing the desired backup, you have to find out the UDID of iPhone. This is very easy: Connect iPhone or iPad to the computer and the program ‘iTunes‘ open. There one first selects the connected device and then goes to the tab 'Overview'. Near the top you will find the serial number (see image). Clicking on the word 'Serial Number’ enough, already is in place that the Identifizerung (UDID) displayed.

iTunes serial number iPhone, iPad and iPod
Serial number of iPhone, iPad and iPod show to iTunes
iTunes iPhone UDID identification number, iPad and iPod
Identification number UDID of iPhone, iPad and iPod show to iTunes

Location is located quickly

Did you look at these letters- listed and sequence of digits, is dedicated to the search of the backup folder within Windows. First Pressing the 'Start' button (bottom left). Browse In the field 'programs / files’ please '% AppData%’ (without quotes) type in. You will probably then the folder 'roaming’ proposed, öfnnen this. Subsequently, you open this folder by starting the subfolder 'Apple Computer', ‘Mobile Sync’ and finally 'Backup'.

In Backup folder backups are(in) iPhone, iPad and iPod saved. Using the initially determined identification number (UDID) You can now find the right backup file for the desired device.

iPhone, Preparing iPad and iPod for backup

Before creating a backup of iPhone, iPad or iPod, you should use the program ‘PhoneClean‘ exempt the unit from garbage. Even smartphones and tablets create cookies, Caches and temporary files, which are not always deleted from the system.
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