Remove garbage from the iPhone and iPad

With the free software Phone Clean can free up space on iOS devices

Unnecessary garbage falls on almost all iOS devices. Just like on stationary computers (PC) temporary files and cookies to be created.
With the SoftwarePhone Clean scarce space is free and increases performance – so it at least say the developers. They say it is not only, it is true! So far I have quite a few iPhone and iPad models to mostly 'facilitated' each multiple GB. Problems are not personally known to me.

Software provides automated storage

Phone Clean scans automates iPhone, iPad or. iPod and finds very reliable failed sync files, App cache and offline data and deletes them with a mouse click. The manufacturer promises, to create "free space, without relevant data to be put at risk ". I can only recommend for your own safety before use make a backup. As I said, date me any negative effects are known, but better safe than sorry!

The installation and the use of Phone Clean is easy

About this Link you can download the software for free on the developer site. the program will be installed on a standard computer. After a very quick installation can be (fast) already go: Connect iPhone or iPad via data cable to the computer and start Phone Clean.

Tip from me: close all apps before you start the program! Cache files from other software applications open halfheartedly eliminated.

First, the device is meticulously scanned. A status bar informs you any time about the status. A few minutes later, the result can be seen: the red in the second column from the right to inform, how much memory can be deleted in the next step. Still nothing happened!
Either click on the button (centered in the bottom third of the program) and to delete said files or to get information by clicking the arrow next to the above-mentioned memory via detalliertere information.

Even if it costs Overcome: can only recommend to perform the deletion. In addition to more memory, the performance increases significantly.