Christian Junius


German Telekom discovered Twitter

Within a day, the newly launched Twitter account at the Deutsche Telekom 1.200 Follower. On the one hand, a dream start on the other side you can see, that this service was overdue.
In the case of “@ Telekom_hilft” makes the latter more likely to. Die Reputation des Kundenservice soll sich dank Twitter ändern. As a model is entirely possible the American telecommunications company Comcast, there is non-performing consumer via 140 Characters from the terminal helped.

Twitter needs to be learned

A matching is called on the telecom website: "We go with our service then, where our customers are. We learn to tweet and start the pilot project “Telekom_hilft”.

Advertising on Twitter by “Promoted Tweets”

Bisher nutzen die Betreiber von Twitter Ihren Erfolg nicht, to earn money from it. However, this fact should change soon. According to the reports of various American media wants to integrate Twitter Tweets alongside the existing and advertisements on the page. These ads are called “Promoted Tweets” bear.

Twitter plans to target advertising

The Users are not to be bombarded with advertising haphazard, but they only get to see the advertisement, they also would find useful. Appear in the first phase, the “Promoted Tweets” only, when a user searches for keywords, the advertisers have bought, similar to the known model “Google AdWords”. Later, should also be financed by advertising messages seen in the tweets. This is supposedly crucial, for which the respective user is interested, so that the advertising works for him too appealing.
As the collection and evaluation is scheduled for the user-related interests, has not been published.

Companies need guidelines for Twitter, Facebook und Co.

Manager at blaspheme Facebook to customers of his employer and teachers complain about the short message service Twitter to noisy students. Employee, frolicking in social networks, for the employer are extremely challenging - but also an opportunity. To prevent harm to companies and individuals concerned and to capitalize on the other hand, the Internet euphoria, there is a need easy to understand social media code.
In the U.S. they have long been the, discovered in Germany, the company now only the problem and try to hastily set up dubious rules.

Twitter now reveal the whereabouts

About Twitter you can see the world in the future not only to his thoughts, to share ideas and activities, can his followers make known also his whereabouts.
Already, many mention the over 70 Million Twitter users whereabouts in her messages. however thereby losing valuable space, because the short messages no longer than 140 may be signs.

For example, an interesting fact, if you want to meet friends spontaneously. The advertising industry is making this positioning function very fast to Use: hardly a form of advertising is more effective than the mobile and targeted point-of-sale function.

Code of Conduct on the Web 2.0

Very often I am approached, how to behave on the Internet. A few simple tips and advice I have you here gathered. Before you read, here the most important and simplest rule: be honest!

* Show the interlocutors your identity. If you have honest intentions, there is no reason the full name and your employer to call. At least when you publish content professionally concerned. Since it is irrelevant, whether the site has a private or business background.