Christian Junius


Code of Conduct on the Web 2.0

Very often I am approached, how to behave on the Internet. A few simple tips and advice I have you here gathered. Before you read, here the most important and simplest rule: be honest!

* Show the interlocutors your identity. If you have honest intentions, there is no reason the full name and your employer to call. At least when you publish content professionally concerned. Since it is irrelevant, whether the site has a private or business background.

Items and pictures in the social web is like a tumor

Who disclose information and pictures on the Internet, should be aware of the long residence time of the data. You have to know, that with the deletion of these data are by no means disappeared from the net: Many an ulcer is removed faster than unpleasant articles or photos!

Even after deleting the account, the data remains visible for many years to and searchable for everyone. This is due to, that the Internet information is stored locally on servers and are often copied. The Storage in search engines also contribute, that they wanted more than to find information about.

Website upgrade: free message center set up!

Have you ever longed for a program, which you, Your friends and followers with an overview of all your activities provides – Twitter-, Facebook-, LinkedIn-, YouTube messages in one place? Or a Summary at a specific topic you? Abonnieren Sie zum Beispiel beliebige Twitteraccounts und RSS-Feeds zum Thema ‘Auto’: each new message to be displayed in real time.

FriendFeed has exactly these characteristics and was developed for this purpose. No other software offers even close to these options: With very little effort, you can terminate the accounts of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and over 50 other social media services set. The program is free and almost self-explanatory user interface in German!