Christian Junius


Facebook safer – Increase security through HTTPS

Facebook takes privacy seriously now

Until a few weeks, users of Facebook were able to run your account only by using various extensions permanently with HTTPS. Lately Facebook has this feature for all users, they must be activated manually in the settings.

If the HTTPS encryption enabled, the connection between the user computer and the Facebook servers decoded. The social network is responding to new hacker tools: They start from the access without much effort from unencrypted wireless connections.

Activation via Facebook account

The gain in security is enabled through the user interface “Account” -> “Account settings” -> “Account Security”.
Once the account is equipped with the new function, appears, select “Safe browsing (https)” on.

Facebook – Easy operation

Facebook is currently without doubt the most popular and probably most widely used communication platform on the Internet.
has through the wide range of functions from Facebook (leider) die Übersichtlichkeit darunter gelitten. Many people have a Facebook account, nutzen ihn aber wegen der Kompliziertheit nicht – schade!
Ich möchte Ihnen nachfolgend erklären, wie Sie Facebook sicher nutzen können und genau bestimmen, wer was von Ihren Einträgen und Mitteilungen sehen darf.

Facebook introduces security features for application

Facebook is the future sound the alarm, when a user logs in from an unknown device. So one can summarize the new security features short and concise. However, the Users first activate this function, even under Account / Account Settings.

Facebook is taking a first small step

In this section the user is able to account security “Notifications to applications for new devices” activate the feature. Then Facebook asks at every login first by an identifier for the new device and automatically logs this action to the registered e-mail address. By setting the hook at “I do not ask again” to Facebook remembers the hardware. A notification via SMS is not currently available in Germany.

Companies need guidelines for Twitter, Facebook und Co.

Manager at blaspheme Facebook to customers of his employer and teachers complain about the short message service Twitter to noisy students. Employee, frolicking in social networks, for the employer are extremely challenging - but also an opportunity. To prevent harm to companies and individuals concerned and to capitalize on the other hand, the Internet euphoria, there is a need easy to understand social media code.
In the U.S. they have long been the, discovered in Germany, the company now only the problem and try to hastily set up dubious rules.

Facebook has set up security for young people and parents

Facebook has an area for the public – with or without a Facebook profile – for reporting violations and released to the individual setting of privacy. The help pages provide a basic insight into the problems.

The spaces for young people, Parents, Teachers and law enforcement authorities cut.

In the area “Safety for young people” will For example, bullying behavior and public backbiting represented and how to report such abuse to the social network. Facebook points out, however, that an unattractive photo is just removed, if this violates the terms of use.