Christian Junius


iTunes: Location Backup for iPhone and iPad

Backup iPhone, find iPad and iPod to Computer

For a long time I'm thinking, where the backup of my iPhone is backed up locally. If you save its data in the cloud, then store the backup on a server of the company. Apple. However, if you aufwählt option for local backup with iTunes, then is a bit awkward to file(in) to get.

Apple tightens repair policy

Apple responds to criticism in recent weeks and changes the internal guidelines for repairs

In den letzten Wochen hat es eine Welle der Entrüstung gegen Apple gegeben. The Group shall apply the warranties vary worldwide. In short: Europeans and Americans were mostly new replacement units delivered to the house and the Asian market often had to make do with demonstration devices or repaired models.
From autumn 2013 wird Apple seinen Support ‘AppleCare‘ and thus to streamline the repair guidelines. As Vice-President Tara Bunch reported, soll das neue Programm unter dem Codenamen ‘One Apple’ run.

Remove garbage from the iPhone and iPad

With the free software Phone Clean can free up space on iOS devices

Unnecessary garbage falls on almost all iOS devices. Just like on stationary computers (PC) temporary files and cookies to be created.
With the SoftwarePhone Clean scarce space is free and increases performance – so it at least say the developers. They say it is not only, it is true! So far I have quite a few iPhone and iPad models to mostly 'facilitated' each multiple GB. Problems are not personally known to me.